Fraser Valley Identity

Brand identity system for the people of the Fraser Valley



The objective for this project is to show the process of creating a brand identity concept and design for the Fraser Valley that brings people together and shows off they pride they have for the place they live. 

The way that I look at it, the Fraser Valley is a system that is made up of different parts, that is places. There are the more populated areas such as Abbotsford, the farming areas such as Chilliwack, the tourist attractions such as Harrison Hot Springs and the list goes on. Each of these parts have their own goals and challenges yet together they make up one of the most beautiful places to live. 


The Fraser Valley is made up of 6 individual cities and districts that come together to make one community, such as six lines coming together make up one shape, a hexagon. 

A hexagon is the shape that best fills a plane with equal size units and leaves no wasted space. While the Fraser Valley is made up of cities and districts of various sizes and populations, they still fit together perfectly to make one large community.  

Colours associated with the Fraser Valley are often various shades of green and blue. Incorporating some new colours really show the vibrant and exciting way of life in the Fraser Valley. 


The patterns are a way to really bring in the colours and diversify the brand.