What happens to your garbage after you dump it

Board game design about the dangers of illegal dumping. 



The purpose of this project is to educate people, kids and their parents, on why not to dump their garbage illegally. It is for people learn it for themselves and then go on to teach other people about the negative effects in a way that is fun and engaging. 

This project includes information to inform adults but colours and graphics to intrigue their kids. A board game is a great way to get kids excited about the topic and at the same time something that they can use to teach their parents.  

People can be tempted to dump their garbage in a forest a few miles down the road thinking that no one will see them but what they don’t realize is that the trees and animals are always watching.  

The idea is that at the beginning of the game everyone’s players illegally dump their garbage. Throughout the game, as the players pick up cards and advance, they learn the negative effects and stop themselves as well as those around them from illegally dumping.