Child Poverty Poster Series

A poster series about child poverty in British Columbia, Canada.



The objective for this project was to design a poster series that conveys a message that effectively persuades, informs and inspires action. By risk taking, generating ideas and concept development, the goal was to create a series that has impact and brings awareness to the topic. 

One in five children in British Columbia live in poverty meaning without the basic necessities of life; food, clothing or housing. Out of that number, the majority of kids are recent immigrants, aboriginal and/or of a visible minority.

Child poverty is an world-wide issue so although I designed the posters to be displayed in B.C., Canada, I still wanted them to be relevant world-wide.

British Columbia is a very multicultural place and in order to reflect that, I used the five most common languages spoken there to spell out hunger. 


153,300, or one in five, BC children 0-17 years old are currently living in poverty. These statistics are heartbreaking and these posters were designed to portray that.