Blue Sky Campaign

A call to help support those who have been held victim to human trafficking.



The Blue Sky card is a credit card and the accumulating points from spending money on it will get donated to those who have managed to survive being trafficked. The goal of this campaign is to raise money for those survivors but also bring awareness to the topic in hopes of warning people of its prevalence in our societies today. 

Rescuing victims of human trafficking from their traffickers is one thing and helping them survive is something else. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for those victims to be unfairly criminalized, not properly cared for and often eventually re-victimized. 


I wanted to come up with a way for survivors to receive continuous financial support so they can afford the basics such as food and clothing. My first idea was some sort of ticket that could be used to trade in for the needed supplies. 

In order to open up the possibility of donating to individuals rather than fighting to get whole corporations on board, I decided to go with a credit card points system instead.


It works exactly like any other credit care except rather than collecting points you redeem for prizes or cash backs, you collect points that are then donated to those who have suffered from human trafficking

Keeping the cards minimalistic in design I removed the literal interpretations of human trafficking and searched for more subtle, conceptual ways to visualize the issue at hand.  


I added a slight gradient from bottom to top to symbolize the sun rising to a new day.